Hi we are Georgio and Kim Georgiev – the owners, founders, and coaches here at Inspire Gymnastics.

Being parents of competitive athletes as well as being former gymnast ourselves. We have experienced all sides of the sport of gymnastics: Competing and training as athletes, Cheering from the  stands as a parents, And working in the gym as a coach.

Inspire Gymnastics is our dream come to life!!!

Things we love 
  • Our faith and family
  • Spending time with our children 
  • Gymnastics and working with kids
  • We love coaching together and we make a great team
  • Photography and The Pacific Ocean
  • Traveling and exploring places 
  • Coffee   

Fun Facts 
  • All the photographs on our website are pictures we took …and it was so much fun!!!!
  • Most if not all of the athletes portrayed on our website are either our former gymnast or current gymnast !  
  • The chalk pictures are live action shots not Photoshopped! 
  • We have a  90lb German Shepherd – His name is Shiloah.
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