No more early morning practices and late evenings at gym 

Our home school program is open to any team members. It doesn’t matter if you are current athlete in Pre-team or high level Team group, Pre-Tops or Tops groups, JO Program or Xcel athlete- you will have place in our Home School Program.

We do not start in early mornings and we still manage to  have two practices and finish in the afternoon. Spend your mornings studying, sleep in late if you need to and do not have to battle the rush hour traffic. Spend the evenings with family, catch up on homework or enjoy time with school friends – our Home School Program schedule allows it all.

That does not mean we compromise your gymnastics training but on the contrary: you will train about 25-30 hours per week and have the weekends off, you will enjoy flexible rotation schedule on events, various training paces, and more attention from your coaches.

Train hard, train smart and enjoy the weekends