A great transitioning stage to TOPs Program (4 through 7 years old invite only)

To understand Pre-TOPs we first must under TOPs.  

TOPs stands for  (Talent Opportunity Program), this is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaching staff. TOPs is an invite only group that has limitations of age and skills sets within a specific time frame. 

Our Pre-TOPs class is for gymnast 4-7 years of age. In pre-TOPs our gymnast will train to build a solid foundation and technique on all gymnastics apparatuses  and work their way to obtain the skills required for the first age group within TOPs. Eventually they would go and compete against the very best gymnasts from around the country at National TOPs testing once yearly.  Many young athletes who want to make their way to the elite level of gymnastics start their journey in  Pre-TOP’s and TOP’s programs.

Program goals: Higher expectations in regards of conditioning, flexibility, shaping and presentation Take the time to build a solid foundation all around without rushing towards higher level skills.