Fun, Interactive, Purpose driven and Educational 

Fun, interactive gymnastics program for exploration, socialization and early development learning. Our very little ones will begin with basic gymnastics movements and incorporate shapes, colors and music. Our program will constantly adapt  as your child grows and becomes more experienced. Your little gymnast will slowly be introduced to variety of gymnastics movements, interactions with classmates, independent learning and fundamentals of gymnastics.

We design our programs with a purpose: Each week our little ones will be introduced to specific elements and set ups which they will repeat exactly in the same setup on the following week. Every two weeks are always the same: same events, same elements and same set ups. That process gives them the opportunity to try all the new things during the first week and feel confident and successful repeating something familiar during the second week.

On a yearly bases our Pre-school program is designed in learning blocks of 3 months: your child will never stay in the same class/level year round. But rather constantly evolve, improve and being challenged.

Purpose driven even for our littlest ones


It’s not just A Recreational – it’s A Developmental Program

Progressive and Developmental Program for anyone 6 years and older. It does not matter if you are in elementary, middle or high school age – we have a challenging class for every age. Our Developmental Program curriculum changes every two weeks and its structured in 3 month learning blocks – your child will never stay in the same class and level. The program ensures that each of our gymnasts are constantly challenged and improving throughout the year.

You will not spend the year in the same class and level


A great transitioning stage to TOPs Program (4 through 7 years old invite only)

To understand Pre-TOPs we first must under TOPs.  

TOPs stands for  (Talent Opportunity Program), this is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaching staff. TOPs is an invite only group that has limitations of age and skills sets within a specific time frame. 

Our Pre-TOPs class is for gymnast 4-7 years of age. In pre-TOPs our gymnast will train to build a solid foundation and technic on all gymnastics apparatuses  and work their way to obtain the skills required for the first age group within TOPs. Eventually they would go and compete against the very best gymnasts from around the country at National TOPs testing once yearly.  Many young athletes who want to make their way to the elite level of gymnastics start their journey in  Pre-TOP’s and TOP’s programs.

Program goals: Higher expectations in regards of conditioning, flexibility, shaping and presentation Take the time to build a solid foundation all around without rushing towards higher level skills.


TOPs, or the Talent Opportunity Program, was created 22 years ago to identify young talented gymnasts.

And from the 20152016 USA Gymnastics Women’s Program Rules and Policies:

“The Talent Opportunity Program (TOPs) is an identification system that is implemented by the Developmental Team Coordinator under the direction of the International Elite Committee. Its purpose is to assist the coach with early identification of potentially talented athletes and to nurture and assist in the development of these athletes and their coaches and to provide competitive opportunities.

So as you can see from the quotes above, TOPs is a program USA Gymnastics uses to find gymnasts with a “special” talent for gymnastics.  The goal is to have a strong national gymnastics team; I think the fact that it is under the direction of the International Elite Committee illustrates this point.

Since the goal of TOPs is to identify gymnasts with a “special” talent that if coached right, can become a very high-level gymnast, the program is focused mainly on developing the most up to date gymnastics technic and elements at a very young age. TOPs gymnasts also learn some specific gymnastics skills that are building blocks to other high-level skills. They learn these skills at a faster pace than is typical in the JO Program (gymnastics levels 1-10).

From the USA Gymnastics Website, "TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program) is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaches."


No age or level limitations program

Here at Inspire we are passionate about our one of a kind Fast Tracking Program. Our fast track program is comparable to TOPs and runs alongside that program in our gym.

The major differences our Fast Track groups have from TOPs is there are no limitations on age or levels. There are no testings or routines. Regardless of what level gymnast currently compete they will train any level and/or skills for future development. Training  is done in systematical and methodical way, no shortcuts. Eliminating all unnecessary requirements for each level and focussing on long term goals.

We have had a lot of success running fast tracking programs in this way and have had many gymnast achieve their goals of becoming higher level gymnast at a faster rate.

Fast Track is a no-restriction program. It is a more intense, performance and time demanding program with a long term goals.


Pre-Team training groups are part of our Team Program

Our Pre-Team groups encompass ages 5 years old through 8 years of age with some exceptions depending on individual child. Although Pre-Team training groups are non-competitive “level” they are part of our team. There are no specific skill requirements – It is our job and responsibility as coaches and as a  program to develop our youngest gymnasts on team to become strong, flexible, coordinated and develop a competitive spirit and attitude.  Almost if not all gymnasts are expected to be moved to team groups after spending about a year training systematically in our Pre-Team groups.

Stage of our system geared towards developing our youngest future competitors towards JO Level 3/4


Every gymnastics facility has a path and style they incorporate.

At Inspire Gymnastics the path  that suits our coaching styles the best is starting our competitive team at level 3 and 4. We only compete levels 3 and 4 in the the JO compulsory levels and then we move onto the JO Optional Levels 6-10.

We do not compete JO levels 1, 2, or 5. Once selected for our Pre-team our gymnast start training for levels 3 and 4 and focussing their efforts on the skills and elements they would use throughout their career such as glide kip, cast handstand, back handsprings series, press to handstand and more.

At Inspire we feel these are the absolute basic fundamentals and major building blocks to start from in the sport of gymnastics. At Inspire this is where we like our gymnast to put their focus on the main building blocks so they have a strong foundation to help the successfully progress through the sport.

Although gymnast train in a team setting - gymnastics as a sport is an individual sport. Create your own journey.


No more early morning practices and late evenings at gym 

Our home school program is open to any team members. It doesn’t matter if you are current athlete in Pre-team or high level Team group, Pre-Tops or Tops groups, JO Program or Xcel athlete- you will have place in our Home School Program.

We do not start in early mornings and we still manage to  have two practices and finish in the afternoon. Spend your mornings studying, sleep in late if you need to and do not have to battle the rush hour traffic. Spend the evenings with family, catch up on homework or enjoy time with school friends – our Home School Program schedule allows it all.

That does not mean we compromise your gymnastics training but on the contrary: you will train about 25-30 hours per week and have the weekends off, you will enjoy flexible rotation schedule on events, various training paces, and more attention from your coaches.

Train hard, train smart and enjoy the weekends


Xcel – Alternate Competitive Team Program

The Xcel Program is a national USA Gymnastics program of gymnastics levels that runs alongside the Junior Olympic (JO) program. The Xcel program is a completely separate, alternate program. 

There are five divisions in the Xcel program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. 


  • Less hours but still a competitive program 
  • You still have time to do other sports and activities 
  • And you can still have fun competing at meets 

Optional skills for preforming is one of the most liked qualities of the Xcel program. Optional skills means there are a variety of skills that can be selected from for your gymnast to preform in her competitive routine. This means that gymnast can preform the skills that they are most confident in. 

Your own routines 

You get to showcase your strengths and  personality by performing your own Unique routine created just for you! 

Xcel program allows gymnasts to start competing almost right away, It doesn’t just have basic entry levels. It also has more advanced levels that allow gymnasts to keep competing in the Xcel program as they learn more skills, but without the same pressure as competing in the JO program. 

The Xcel program is ideal for not only entry-level gymnasts, but also older gymnasts who are looking for a fun way to stay in shape and be involved in the sport. And since high school gymnastics programs sometimes use similar rules as Xcel, it can be a way to prepare gymnasts to try out for a high school gymnastics team.